We are currently reassembling in North Philadelphia, just South of Temple. Those interested in studios should write me at the address below....
Philadelphia Destroys the SPA
Part One
Part Two

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National Geographic
B. Newman's Photographic Album
A Selection from Drews Pictures
And from Dick Davis
Lightning Bolt Show
Our Daily Schedule:

1:00 PM- Arise.
2:00- The Trivium.
4:00- Lunch/Dialectic
6:00- The Quadrivium (minus astronomy)
At 7:00, we dine. More dialectic.
At 9:00, two hours for the body, to either tone or strengthen. Oils and tinctures followed by merciless agon. More oils and tinctures.
11:00- Astronomy.
12:00 AM- Cartoons
1:00 until dawn- Speculation.

Come to our Survey of Western Philosophy 101 Intro Super Short Course. (check local listings)

Or: Contact the Philosophy Department and Mathsquad at the So. Phila Athenĉum.

Bad ideas, experiments, high actions: always welcome.

...Anything in the medium of experience.

Events at:
Φιλαδελφια Αθηνιων

October 27th: Usaisamonster. Kites. More. (Moved)

September 23rd: South Philadelphia Athenĉum will be raided and locked out by Police and L&I. Free!!!

September 15th: Magik Markers. Sunburned Hand of the Man.

Septmeber 11th: Breathmint Birthday. 10 bands.

Septemeber 9th: Scarekrau Radio. Fat Worm of Error. Temple of Bon Matin. M Ax Noi Mach.

September 8th: Late Nite Prayers. Fang Island. Canape.

September 1st: Aa. Awesome Colors. Red Wizard (maybe).

August 30th: Burmese. Hospitals. O Death

August 27th: Big Art Show.

August 25th: Horse Sinister. Jesse Kudler.

August 18th: Heart2Heart. Sharks with Wings. Canape. Stairway to Freebird.

August 11th: Metalux. Na. Slow Jams. Rose for Bodhan. Captain Ahab.

August 10th: 8PM Mathsquad: Intro to Probability Theory.

August 5th: Amps for Christ. Parts&Labor, Business Lady. Drummond the Magician.

August 3rd: 8PM Mathsquad: Discrete Mathematics, Counting.

August 2nd: Witchhunt. The Human Adults. Magnet City Kids. Killtime.

July 31st: Double Leopards. Skaters. Newton. Unchained.

July 29th: Lecture by Lex Kravitz: Neuroscience and Why You Are Always Out of Beer and Cigarettes. 8 or 9PM

July 25th: Set Theory Intro, with Matt Maecock.

July 23rd: Nautical Almanac. Fight Amputation. Gunna Vahm. Gabe Boyer.

July16th: Men Who Can't Love. M AX NOI MACH. Drums Like Machine Guns. Mince Meat or Ten Speed.

July 14th: Racoo-oo-oon. With Psych Experiments.

July 8th: S.T.R.E.E.T.S. McRad. Sweatheart. And More Fun.

June 30th: Kaufman and Riot.

June 18th: Lost Film Fest. Shorts and Hijinx. 10PM.

June 17th: On Andy Kaufman 8PM.

June 13th: White Mice. The Coughs. Attitude Problem. Laugh Track.

June 10th: Powerlunch. PAK. Wolf Vs.

June 8th: Philosophy, Eightish, on Hyperreality.

June 7th: Ultradolphins. Mother Mime. Order of the Dying Orchid. Eat Forever.

June 1st: Animal Hospital. Jacob Anodide. Heuristic.

May 29th: SummerJamBand. 13 Knots. French In Action.

May 27th: S.A.R.S. (Serious. About. Rollerblading...Seriously.) Brandon Joyce, Corndawg, and Jay Purdy rollerblade from Philadelphia to New York, in two days.

May 23rd:Lightning Bolt. Mastermynd. Horse Spirit Penetrates. Angeldust. Deerhunter. Attitude Problem.

May 13th: Air Guitar Magazine. Goblin City. Black Ass. Jaded Scenester with White Belt.

May 6th: White Mice and More!!!
Also: Paperrad Opening at Space 1026. Go!

May 1st: South Philadelphia Olympics
(teams of 4 or 5 email thekarmamechanic at hotmail)

April 27th: Open Philosophy, around Ninish.

April 26th: Free Movie Screening: Turkish Star Wars, and More.

April 21st: Gang Wizard. Unchained.

April 16th The Body. Mahi Mahi. Drums Like Machine Guns.

April 13th: Like Language. Ten Ton. Gored By Buffalo.

April 1st: Our 2nd First Friday: GAME SHOW NIGHT!!! Time to Amazing!

March 21st. Mildew. Steve Dracula. R.L. Stein.

March 17th: Lucas Abela. Dave Phillips. Air Conditioning. Sara Galaxia. Right-Arm-Severed.

March 15th: Hair Police. Dead Machines. Wooden Wands.

March 7th: BIG DAY: Memorial Service held for Eli Winograd, starting at 6PM. Then, Extraordinaires, Buzzard, and Eat Forever.

March 5th: Emil Beaulieau. Karlheinz. Sickness. Rad attack.

February 6th: Superbowl Halftime Extravaganza, mc'ed by Jay Plus.

February 4th: Our First First Friday: Kites, Greyskull, M Ax Noi Mach, Dreamhouse,and Brandon Joyce-- as well as fashion greats by Crystal Stoko. and Heather Clark.

December 30th: Projexorcism. Temple of Bon Matin. Drums Like Machine Guns.

December 16th: Halloween Extravaganza. Haunted Houses. Costumes. Plus music with Parts-and-Labor and Pterodactyl.

December 3rd: Magnet City Kids. Fourway milkshake. Bumpin Uglies.

November 19th: Japanese cosmiccomic Peelander-Z. Playing with Red Mufunda and others.

November 15th: Koonda Holaa (Czech Rep.), Buddyship (Providence), Openminded Men.

November 13th: A Brash Fashion Lineup. Animental. Lucy Goosie on Accordeon.