Howard Kleger FAQ

This little cache is an unauthorized information center on Howard Kleger, a Philadelphian man-of-ideas, and minor-to-medium-sized terror for most of Western Civilization.

Howard is my friend, and my intention is to provide an online displaycase for Howard's projects, products, and ideas. However, this information center remains unauthorized in that I don't feel giving Howard free reign over my folders. I've also tacked on a Howard primer in order to try to do him justice, to explain just some of things I've learned from him and his methods. Howard alerted me, also, to other webnodes with Kleger-related items on them, which I've linked below.

Interview with Howard Kleger, by me, for Loyal Magazine (text only)

Howard Kleger Solo Show, at The Philadelphia Institute for Advanced Study

Schema by Howard Kleger

Diagrams by Howard Kleger

Audio by Howard Kleger at BlastOff Media

The Klegatorium at Deluxe Noise

Howard Kleger and Hypermeaning by Brandon Joyce

Reference Dialogue Video